The skyline is changing in downtown Edmonton. With that there are new restaurants, retailers and arts & culture based businesses adding vibrancy and energy to the core of our city.

The Downtown Vibrancy Team works with local businesses to create opportunities for visitors and local Edmontonians to experience downtown in different ways. We work to create and grow new and existing downtown experiences, and activate underutilized spaces.

Our focus for the program is on design, culinary, music and active living – disciplines that are woven throughout all parts of our city.

In partnership with the Foundry Real Estate Co., The Second Season Street Party shut down Rice Howard Way for a family friendly block party to celebrate the end of winter with food, music and outdoor patios.

The Vignettes Design Series celebrates local designers, contractors, woodworkers and visual artists collaborating to build original and unique spaces in downtown Edmonton.

Edmonton Design Week is a city-wide platform aimed to unify our city by celebrating design talent, showcasing innovations and collaborating across all disciplines to transform our city.

Come and experience the new Downtown Edmonton.

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Case Studies

Canada’s Marijuana Industry is Coming

With the Government of Canada having put forward its framework for the legalization of recreational cannabis, cities across the country will be looking to capitalize on the marijuana economy and its associated jobs, investment, and tax revenue. Edmonton will be no different, and it’s about time we started thinking strategically about how to make our mark in this new industry.

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Case Studies

How Does this Recession Compare to the Last?

Despite recent drops in the price of oil to back below $50 per barrel, most analysts and forecasters are expecting that 2017 will be the year Alberta climbs out of recession. Indeed, several of the province’s economic indicators began to climb back towards pre-recession levels late last year – this doesn’t mean Alberta is back to where it was before oil prices started dropping in summer 2014, but things are no longer getting worse.

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