We helped shape the prosperity of today, and continuously work to cement Edmonton’s position as a global economic powerhouse of tomorrow.


Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about Edmonton, its people, and our prosperity. We are committed to our organization’s mandate of inspiring a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in the Edmonton region, and follow through on that mission by creating and implementing services that have real, tangible impact on our city’s economic well-being.

Collaborating with Edmonton region businesses, thought leaders, policy makers, bold people with big ideas ­– that’s how we contribute to change.


Thrive on collaboration and innovation? Us too.

Our organization needs the type of people who make Edmonton great – committed individuals with a drive to create something big – to join our ranks. We’re looking for professionals who bring industry expertise, an understanding of business in Alberta and the passion to help Edmonton’s economy grow. Thanks in part to Edmonton Economic Development, our region will experience unprecedented expansion for decades to come, this is your chance to be part of it.

Help create prosperity in our region, advance your skillset and experience, and help cultivate a greater Edmonton.

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