We’re a city that’s ready to
grow your company. Our unique
business culture enables faster
growth and increased opportunity
to partner, share ideas and
leverage success.

With a steady stream of new talent and fresh thinking from our major post-secondary institutions, we have a ready-to-go talent pool to help you grow your business.

And we’re perfectly situated for success, giving you access to growing markets in Canada, all major cities in the Arctic, and direct pathways to mainland China and the Netherlands.

10 Good

Our low cost of business, high levels of disposable income, and large population of post-secondary students produce a higher ROI.

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Edmonton is one of the most diverse metropolitan cities in Canada, with high potential for growth in a variety of industries.

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Look through some of our case studies and think about how your business could take advantage of emerging topics and trends.

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Edmonton is a great city for business and we’ve got the numbers to back it up. Take a look and get a sense of how your business would fit in this city.

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