Edmonton has a proven track record for cultivating talent, fostering innovation and encouraging entrepreneurship. We’re a city with a unique economic stability and a history for making things happen our own way.

Although there are many more, here are 10 good reasons why Edmonton is a great city for business.

One of Canada’s Youngest,
Fastest-Growing Cities

In 2015 Edmonton’s population grew 2.4 percent, or 31,665 people, the third-highest growth rate in Canada. The Edmonton’s region median age of 36.5 years makes it the second-youngest major centre in Canada. Access to a young, motivated and skilled labour pool within the Greater Edmonton region ensures industry has the skills it needs to be successful.

A Cost-Competitive
Place to do Business

As of 2016, Edmonton was ranked by KPMG as having the 2nd lowest business costs among North American cities with population between 1 and 2 million. The province of Alberta has no provincial retail sales-tax, no provincial capital taxes, no payroll taxes (including no health care premiums), and the lowest gasoline tax amongst Canadian provinces.

Globally Connected

Edmonton is a designated Foreign Trade Zone and a strategic transportation centre for the energy, manufacturing, and industrial sectors in Western Canada. The city is located on major transportation corridors for rail and road, and has direct cargo flights internationally.

Skilled Workforce

Approximately 56 percent of the city’s population over the age of 15 has some form of post-secondary education attainment. Over 95,000 students attend Edmonton’s six publicly funded post-secondary institutions and many private training schools.

Innovative City

The University of Alberta is the province’s flagship University and research institution with expertise in engineering, health sciences, and business. The University of Alberta is one of the top five research universities in Canada, and ranks among the top 100 in the world. The university attracts more than $500 million annually in external research funding and is home to some of the world’s top researchers in engineering, medicine, dentistry, earth sciences, and virology.

Tax Credit for

The Alberta Investor Tax Credit is a 30 percent tax credit to investors who provide capital to Alberta companies in the following sectors: information technology, clean technology, health technology, interactive digital media and game products, and post-production, visual effects and digital animation sectors.

Diverse, Resilient

Edmonton’s economy has been resilient in the face of low oil prices. The city is one of the most diverse metropolitan cities in Canada, with energy, construction, government services, and entrepreneurship forming the backbone of the city’s economy.

High Incomes

Edmonton currently has the second-highest median family income among major Canadian cities, and is consistently among the top regions in Canada for per-capita retail sales.

Transforming City

Edmonton’s downtown core is in the middle of a rapid transformation, with over $5.0 billion worth of downtown developments planned, underway, or recently completed between now and 2020.

A Place to Call Home

Over 350 mature and new neighbourhoods allow residents to choose a home that fits their family’s lifestyle. These neighbourhoods are occupied by 18 public libraries and 20 recreation centres available to residents in all corners of the city. Over 460 parks means an abundance of green space, with Edmonton’s lush North Saskatchewan River Valley measuring in at 22 times the size of Central Park.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Edmonton Startup, Jobber, Opens Toronto Office to Keep Pace with Global Growth

Jobber, the software platform that helps home service businesses be more successful, announced the opening of its Toronto, Canada office to support the rapid growth of its global customer base.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Startup Edmonton Shares How To Invest in Startups

In this article from Alberta Venture, Tiffany outlines some of the best steps founders of tech-enabled companies can take when considering investment and scaling their efforts.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre (AATC) Drives Productivity

The Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre (AATC) is a direct effort to diversify our economy by creating a new knowledge-based cluster of economic activity in the Edmonton Metro Region that will attract new revenue, new business and new highly qualified people to Alberta.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Edmonton continues to flex its AI muscles

Cam Linke, Co-Founder Startup Edmonton and Board Member of AMII, shares his thoughts on the role the startup community plays in developing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into a variety of startup opportunities in this article from Denise Deveau at the Financial Post.

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Culture of Trade

Global Wholesaler Alibaba Visits Edmonton

EEDC’s Trade and Investment division hosted leading e-commerce companies in Edmonton to meet with local export-ready companies interested in exploring the Chinese consumer market. The workshop was an opportunity for Edmonton businesses to understand e-commerce in China and opportunities with Alibaba to be a sourcing and export platform to do business with the rest of the world.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

HackED Draws Over 100 Students

More than 100 students from three post-secondary campuses joined Startup Edmonton for HackED on January 28 & 29. Produced by the CompE Club, in association with Startup Edmonton, the event aims to inspire students from technical programs to build projects over a 36-hour period.

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Culture of Trade

AMTA Builds New Commercial Driver Training Centre at EIA

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) will begin construction of a new educational facility at Edmonton International Airport (EIA) in the summer of 2017. The new construction will include a nearly 20,000 sq. ft. facility with an adjacent five-acre test driving track, as well as also include a driving simulation trainer that will enable AMTA to conduct complete training for commercial drivers all in one location.

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Major Investment

EEDC Receives $3 Million to Attract Diverse Businesses to Edmonton

On November 10, 2016, EEDC received $3-million in federal and provincial funding to pursue investment attraction for the Edmonton region. This investment program by EEDC’s government partners allows for a new focus on sector and geo-markets to bring investment to the Edmonton region, and the EEDC team is working to promote our region to the world.

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