Offering visitors an authentic Edmonton experience

Through our roots, communities and history, Edmonton has become a vibrant urban centre that is original and creative. We embrace our history of trade, culture and love for entertainment when showcasing our city.

Showcasing what Edmonton has to offer

Edmonton Tourism is the trusted expert and resource for marketing Edmonton’s visitor experience in regional and international markets. Working alongside our Stakeholders we strive to deliver exceptional experiences, inviting guests to stay longer, spend more and share their stories with others.

To accomplish these goals we focus on brand-aligned destination marketing and quality in-destination events and festivals for the visitor. A complete range of supporting programs and services are accessible to our Stakeholders, festivals, events, hotels, attractions, restaurants and activities companies located in Edmonton.

Explore Edmonton today!



Edmonton Tourism offers our Stakeholders the following:

  • Regional and international destination marketing, media resources and support
  • Sales and product development support and qualified leads by market
  • Visitor and conference information services
  • Access to our visitor and Stakeholder programs and services