Edmonton continues to flex its AI muscles

The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) is a world leader in the fields of machine intelligence, artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning, currently focusing on commercial opportunities and bringing the startup mindset to its work. It’s first commercial effort is PFM Scheduling, an AI solution for automating schedule-building processes in healthcare.

PFM Scheduling is a Startup Edmonton Launch Party alumni company, launching its concept at Edmonton Startup Week for an audience of supportive investors, customers and community leaders. Startup Edmonton supports founders of tech-enabled products and companies through programs, a strong community network, and collaborative workspace. This mix provides the greatest chance for ongoing learning, talent acquisition and retention, and creative collisions to move ideas forward more quickly.

Cam Linke, Co-Founder Startup Edmonton and Board Member of AMII, shares his thoughts on the role the startup community plays in developing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into a variety of startup opportunities in this article from Denise Deveau at the Financial Post.

See the Financial Post story here.

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