HackED Draws Over 100 Students

Students play an important role at Startup Edmonton as future team members at scaling companies, providing fresh perspectives at enterprise-level corporations, and even building their own companies. Startup Edmonton engages with students with a series of hackathons and hack days. This takes the pressure of grades off the table and helps them focus on the skills they might not learn in school. More than 100 students from three post-secondary campuses joined Startup Edmonton for HackED on January 28 & 29. Produced by the CompE Club, in association with Startup Edmonton, the event aims to inspire students from technical programs to build projects over a 36-hour period.

Hackathons build competency in problem-solving, team-based development workflows, and provides an additional opportunity for students to connect with startup, scale-up and enterprise level technology companies (who serve as on-site mentors & judges).

For the 2017 winter edition, HackED established a new partnership with Major League Hacking which provides students to greater access to hardware and software resources for their projects. Two student projects will be featured at DemoCamp 35 on March 7.

Read the full story on the Startup Edmonton blog here.

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