Our mandate gives us responsibility to provide economic development strategy advice to City Council, in addition to our current economic development, tourism and venue responsibilities. It is our commitment to you that our approach to strategy development will be open and collaborative, and that we will reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of our community in the recommendations we develop.

In developing strategy, we need to look at our economic system, and how all the parts of our economy work together. We need to have a conversation about the key drivers of our economy; the most effective ways to increase outputs that will create prosperity and instill resilience. EEDC is positioned to serve as the convener and facilitator of these conversations and, with many other partners, to assist in implementation.



Your answers will directly inform the City of Edmonton’s next long-term Economic Growth and Resiliency Strategy–a strategy that will set a course for our collective prosperity. The more feedback we hear from Edmontonians, the more grounded in reality that strategy will be. Add your voice here.