Although each of our divisions has a slightly different business model serving a different set of customers, we recognize the value of being one team and approaching our people and business in a consistent manner.

It is this DNA that enables us to drive results, pull together in times of need, work collaboratively toward a common goal and to celebrate wins as a team.

We have worked hard to define our purpose and core values and are confident that in continuing to nurture culture and ensure that we recruit for fit, we maintain a strong team and are headed on the path for success.

Our values ensure success for ourselves and the company.

Public Stewardship: We have been given a tremendous responsibility – to be stewards of public trust as well as the architect of bold ideas.

Selfless Approach: Everything we do is done in collaboration – with others on our teams, across our divisions and with our stakeholders – and when we win, we win together.

Lead the Way: We step up. Start something. Change something. Connect and support others who are willing to take a risk – on our teams, in our city.

Make an Impact: When every action, big or small, can make an impact, every action contributes to building a city that matters.

Caring for One Another: We have a genuine commitment to the success of each other, our Shareholder and our community.

What is it like to work here?

We often hear this question in the interview process – and it’s a good one!

EEDC staff are driven and passionate, with a desire to make a difference in our city. Our teams are collaborative, working cross-divisionally to achieve success and build strong relationships internally and externally.

Our work is fast-paced and fluid, as our business is influenced by the economy and the needs and direction of our stakeholders and clients. This makes for an exciting and ever-changing environment!


Who are we looking for?

First and foremost, we’re looking for people who demonstrate our cultural values. We’ve worked hard to create the right environment for success and its each one of our team members that makes this a great place to work.

We also want people who love Edmonton; we need people who are looking for not just a job, but for the opportunity to contribute to a bigger purpose –‘To build a great city.’

And finally, we want people who want to challenge themselves to grow and develop as leaders at all levels.